What Our Clients Say

"BeeFriend has completely surpassed our expectations. They have provided exceptional companionship care for our grandfather, who suffers from dementia."

Jacob Keyes


"I can't say enough good things about Beefriend. They are always there when I need them."

Cat Halsey


"Beefriend's caregivers are like family. They have made our life so much better."

Thomas Lasky


What We Do

Pre-visit Consultations

Accurate Care through a Customized Solution

Before the first visit even happens, we want to make sure your loved one gets the best care possible that is customized for their needs. ​

Dr. Vyjeyanthi Periyakoil, an associate professor of medicine at Standford University of Medicine, shared that a “one-size-fits all approach won’t work for older adults.” ​

We aim to help your loved one find just the right amount of interaction with just the right network.


During the Visit

Providing meaning and purpose through companionship

One-on-one connections allows for your loved one to form meaningful connections. In addition to providing companionship with trained and screened friends, we also provide engaging activities. Whether your loved one just wants to read a book or try cooking a new recipe, our friends can do it all!

Our Services


Constant Follow-Up

Be sure that your loved one is being taken care of with reports afterward of how the visit went. We want to give you the peace of mind that your loved ones are healthy, happy, and being taken care of.

About Us

How Do We Make
Your Life Better?

BeeFriend creates a sustainable solution for the loneliness epidemic to create a world where everyone finds purpose and meaning through connections.

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    Decreased sense of loneliness

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    Happier lives with purpose and meaning

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    Increased health and wellbeing

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    Peace of mind that your loved one is cared for